Working from home with children

Working from home with children

By Babysits, 6 min read


Working from home is being recommended and in some cases obligated by many companies in these times and in some places, schools and daycares are being closed in non-essential situations. For the people who aren’t working in jobs in healthcare or other sectors that necessitate working on location, this certainly necessitates having to adapt and get used to a new type of work environment. However, for many parents, the situation can be even more difficult when they are required to, or choose to work from home as suggested by many governments, however, their children are also home due to schools or daycares being closed, or for other reasons.

It can be really difficult to balance focusing on work while taking care of and entertaining your kids. In an instant, it can feel as though responsibilities are doubled. It is possible to fall back on letting them watch tv and play video games, however, this is not the most particularly ideal case for many parents. As a different resource, it may also be possible to find a babysitter to help entertain and watch your children in cases like this.

However, if this isn’t possible, recommended by local authorities, or preferred by you, we’ve provided some tips and ideas to help parents in this situation keep their kids busy while they work from home!

Have a schedule

Kids are often really rambunctious, easily distracted, and get bored quickly. This makes for quite a challenge when you need to keep them occupied enough to fit in a whole day’s work. One great way you can help keep your day organized, keep the kids busy and entertained while you get some work done is to create a schedule! This way, they have different tasks they can do throughout the day and you can plan around the times you can give them more attention. This also helps them stay more normalized in their sleep and life schedule, and makes it easier for them to adapt to potentially no longer going to school or other big changes that may be going on.

You can also be creative in the different activities that the children are scheduled to do for the day, or even, give them different options for the different time slots so they can choose their own adventure! In this case, if they don’t find a scheduled activity as interesting, there may be nice alternatives that they can try! Below you’ll find some ideas for activities that you can fit into the schedule to keep your kids busy and entertained as well as other ideas to keep them occupied!

DIY projects

There are plenty of different DIY projects that are simple enough that children can do with little to no supervision! These can provide a really great way for kids to have fun and to provide some distraction for them. You can find many art crafts and DIYs that you can do with the kids on our DIYs page! Some tips for using DIYs to help keep your kids entertained while you work at home:

  • Try picking DIYs that are simple enough for your kids to do alone and don’t involve things that may be dangerous to their health (such as sharp edges). This depends upon the age of the child. You can also pre-cut materials so that children have less need for scissors etc.

  • A nice tip is to set up different DIY stations! Here you can pre-prepare the materials for multiple different DIYs or craft projects so that your child(ren) can easily start with a project and get to the next one quickly without you having to set up again!

While it may help keep them occupied while you have to focus on working, be sure to still take the time to admire and praise your child(ren)’s creations! They are certain to appreciate it!

Scavenger hunt

Another great idea to keep the kids occupied while you work is to create a scavenger hunt around your home! This may take a little extra time to organize and set up, however, it can be a great way to distract them and let their imaginations run wild! It can be as simple as setting a couple notes with clues in different places around the house, or as complex as having a deep storyline where the kids are pirates exploring an island for buried treasure or spies on a secret mission!

This can be a great way to help keep the kids busy, however, a fun and nice way to participate is (if possible) to let your kids ask you for hints if they get stuck. You could even give them a limited number of hints to make it even more exciting!

Virtual Babysitter/Tutor

If you really need to have a business call where you need to do a presentation or for some other reason that it is important that you are not interrupted by your children, finding a babysitter to look after them virtually can be a great option!

In this case, the babysitter can Skype or video call with them and keep them entertained while you are working. There are plenty of things that the babysitter and child can do together, from making DIYs together, drawing pictures, learning fun songs and games, and more. This option can also be useful even if you don’t have an important call, but just need to focus on or concentrate on something for work. It can really help your child feel less lonely and get the attention they need when you may not have as much time to give them attention or play with them while working!

Along these lines, virtual babysitters can also be helpful in your child’s education. They can, for example, help tutor your child and teach them lessons in different subjects. This can be really beneficial in the case of many children, whose schools may have been closed and who are thus no longer receiving schooling or are receiving limited online homework or course material. Online babysitters or tutors can help these children with any problems they may be having understanding different concepts and overall can help them continue to learn!

There are tons of babysitters now on our platform who have, particularly in this difficult period, indicated that they are willing to help in person or alternatively with homework or childcare virtually if need be!