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Are you looking for a great babysitter in your area? Many parents have been helped! Quickly view all babysitters signed up on Babysits in your city and contact them instantly through our messaging service. We bring dozens of parents and babysitters into contact daily. Before you know it, you'll have found a great babysitter for the children!

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What others have said

Mary Davis

Mary Davis

Babysits made my search for a babysitter easy. After I posted my profile, I immediately got responses. It was nice that I got a notification when a new babysitter signed up in my neighbourhood. Overall I’m satisfied with the website.
Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

I am very happy with the website. In one overview you can see which babysitters are available. Our two babysitters that we’ve found through this site are really nice girls. Great!


It’s a clear website. We received quite quick responses to our job from babysitters in the area. As a result, we were able to quickly find a suitable babysitter.