Tips for Babysitters

Babysitting safely New

Particularly in these times, many parents are in dire need of a babysitter. Some parents already have a babysitter on call, but, because in most cases governments have strongly advised that grandparents should not be babysitting children, (as they are generally at the highest risk in this case), many families are stuck looking for a diffe...

What is Babysitting Remotely

What is Babysitting Remotely New

With social distancing the phrase of the moment, people are often rethinking their actions, being mo...

5 Ways to Help Others

5 Ways to Help Others New

Normal routines are almost destined to change now that it has been advised in many countries to stay...

Online Tutoring to Help kids

Online Tutoring to Help kids New

Schools may now be closed, but this does not mean our children's education needs to suffer. This may...

8 Babysitting Mistakes

8 Babysitting Mistakes New

Do you know how much you can learn as a babysitter? It can help establish parenting skills that can...

How to manage multiple children

How to manage multiple children

Although families nowadays are becoming smaller it is still common for families to have more than on...

Different Types of Babysitters

Different Types of Babysitters

Are you looking for a babysitter or a side job as a babysitter? Then it could be useful to already s...

Babysitting Test

Babysitting Test

Do you think that being a babysitter is the right job for you? Are you comfortable changing nappies...

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